i'm a hopeless romantic

your just hopeless

i'm loud, i go to shows and sing along. i love the patriots. i'm part of the midnight riders for the new england revolution. i like soccer a lot. i also love chelsea fc, sydney fc and celtic fc

*mof*, 48itb, afi, against me!, alkaline trio, all muppet movies, another breathe, aqua teen, at the drive in, australia, bane, beauty and the beast, being irish, bhc, big fish, blink 182, boston, boston red sox, boys night out, brand new, bring it on, celtic fc, chelsea fc, comeback kid, cursive, dane cook, disney, dkm, dogma, driving around, drum corps, duran duran, family, family guy, ferris buellers day off, finding nemo, friends, futurama, gabriel, garden state, ghostbusters 1&2, glassjaw, good clean fun, goonies, harry potter, head automatica, high fidelity, holes, hoobastank, hvsb, jimmy neutron, john legend, josie and the pussycats, kid dynamite, labyrinth, laughing, lifetime, lihc, lilo and stitch, lord of the rings, making people smile, marathon, mental, midnight riders, milton, misfits, modern life is war, monkeys, monty python(all of them), most precious blood, moulin rouge, movies, mtdew, my cat muffin, napoleon dynamite, nelly, new england patriots, new england revolution, nightmare before christmas, now and then, otown, outbreak, paint it black, pcu, pirates of the caribbean, righteous jams, shows, shrek 1&2, sleepy hollow, soccer, soty, south park, spaceballs, stitch, strike anywhere, strung out, subterfuge, sydney fc, take my chances, taking back sunday, talking, tattoos, the backup plan, the beach, the blues brothers, the bouncing souls, the bronx, the clash, the cure, the killers, the maxx, the movielife, the reformation, the simpsons, the smiths, the used, thieves and assassins, this is hell, time bandits, wandering mind kiddies, weezer, with honor, xlibx